LFC (Liquid Food Composter)
A clean and environmentally friendly waste food disposal solution

The Liquid Food Composter (LFC) is a fully enclosed automatic commercial bio digester that decomposes waste food at your facility.

You’ll say goodbye to the messy and expensive business of handling waste food forever at facilities including:

  • Hotels
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hospitals and aged care homes
  • Corporate and university cafeterias
  • Convention centers
  • Supermarkets and food distribution centers
  • Remote sites including mining, immigration and indigenous communities
  • Island communities and resorts

The LFC is a clean and environmentally friendly waste food disposal solution that uses a series of processes where microorganisms break down waste food into grey water that’s safe to discharge into the sewage system.

In under 24 hours, the LFC can dispose of waste food including:

  • Fruits and vegetables,
  • Meat and fish,
  • Most organic foods,
  • Cheese,
  • Bread,
  • Rice and noodles.

With an LFC at your facility your employees won’t waste time and risk possible injuries by pushing heavy bins outside for collection. You’ll dramatically increase your facilities hygiene and reduce flies, rodents and other vermin in and around your waste bins. And by diverting your waste food from landfill, you’ll be significantly reducing your facility’s carbon footprint.



  • Decomposes waste food at your facility – can be installed in your kitchen or work area
  • Discharge from LFC safe to enter sewage system
  • Continuous process allows waste food to be added any time
  • No emptying of the LFC is required
  • Waste food weight continuously monitored and reported both graphically and numerically on usage and waste food digested
  • Simple, quiet and safe operation with odor free and air tight tank
  • All monitoring, reporting, diagnostics and alerts accessible remotely on your PC, iPad and iPhone
  • Monitor your carbon footprint savings.




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